U10 Junior Competitive

Athlete’s Birthdate: 20013 – 2014

Program Days: Saturday and Sunday (start time for both days is 8am)

A program offered to those athletes who are 8 and 9 years old and want to move to competitive ski racing. Athletes must be at least 8 years old as of December 31, 2022 and a level 3 (see below) skier for the U10 competitive program. Acceptance into U10 competitive is upon recommendation by the coaches.

  • 2 day format (Training days beginning at 8am for both Saturday and Sunday)
  • Intended for those who are interested in pursuing ski racing as a sport beyond SnowStars
  • Group travels to at least 2 races each season
  • Expectations on equipment – due to the level of training intensity, discipline-specific skis and additional protective equipment will be required
  • Coaches require that athletes’ equipment is properly maintained and tuned weekly
  • Some ski camps will be made available to the group (pre-season, Christmas camps, etc)

U10 Fees For Season
U10 Junior Competitive Registration – 2 days: $609

Alpine Canada fee for each parent/volunteer: $7

Level 3