Points Calculations for the 2013-2014 Ski Season

Atlantic Race Calendar

2014 Race Calendar now available.

Michele Leger’s Blog

Michele Leger is NB Alpine’s Technical Director and coach at Crabbe Mountain, check out her blog at http://coachmich.blogspot.ca

Atlantic Race Calendar

The 2014 Atlantic Race Calendar is now available.

NB Alpine AGM

NB Alpine’s Annual General Meeting will be held Oct 27th at the UNB Lady Beaverbrook Gym. In morning, information sessions for members will be provided. Learn more about NB Alpine, funding opportunities and more!

In addition to the AGM, Sport Science sessions for the athletes, parents and coaches will also take place Sat and Sun Oct 26-27 at the LB Gym also. These will definitely get you ready for the ski season! Make sure to attend!

For details view the agenda. Please be sure to RSVP with Gary at nbalpine@nb.aibn.com